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Bracing for first blizzard of 2015

Once again, it is time to hunker down for snow and all the elements that come with it. Please heed all warnings and instruction from emergency management personnel and refer to the following tips to help you stay safe: COLD WEATHER/WINTER STORM SAFETY Listen to a NOAA...

‘Gold standard’ for Disability rights? Maybe not.

Independence.  Civil rights.  Equality.  All of these are words that resonate as America celebrates the Fourth of July.  And these words resound, too, as we commemorate the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  Yet, the United States has...

PWD catch a wave toward political clout

Have you signed up for NYDVN yet? The New York Disability Voter Network aims to create a disability voting bloc as a way to increase the political power of people with disabilities. To accomplish the goal, the Disability Rights Center in...

Civil Rights Summit won’t include PWD: Advocates speak out

A host of prominent speakers, including four US Presidents, will convene in Austin, TX beginning April 8th.  They will lend their voices to the LBJ Presidential Library celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act. But the voice...

USCID separates fact from fiction on Disability Treaty

As the flurry of arguments continues in opposition to the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (CRPD), every instrument in the arsenal must come out blazing if PWD are going to win this one.   The United States International...

The anatomy of the curb cut

How much do you know about the Disability civil rights movement known as Independent Living (IL)?  Perhaps you're well-versed in the grassroots advocacy and activism that ignited the Disability community in Vietnam Era America.  Or maybe you're...

Shoot for the moon!

In his personal essay for CNN's iReport, Bret Bowerman issues a powerful challenge for a paradigm shift in the way we think about children with disabilities.  Bowerman is the father of a four-year-old with Down Syndrome.  He generously shares...

He didn’t listen.

If you know how it feels to contend with naysayers, this one's for you. "They told me I should just quit.  They didn't call my name....  Told me it was over....  But I've been deaf since I was three; so I didn't listen." --Derrick Coleman, ...

‘Little Mavens’ light up holiday ads

Tori Spelling has teamed up with some moms on a mission to infuse inclusive advertising into our culture.  Check out the Little Maven Holiday Lookbook 2013 to experience a wonderful spread that amplifies the beauty and fun that glows in all children.

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