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LICIL is committed to advancing public policy that preserves and promotes disability equality, but we can’t do it alone. We need you.  Legal, social, economic and civil rights are essential to personal liberty and to the freedom of our community as a whole; and our voices have definite impact, especially when we raise them together.  Add your voice to the call for legislation and policy decisions that recognize Disability rights as civil rights and empower us to live, learn, work, play and vote without limits. Are you in?

To learn more about how you can get involved with LICIL’s ongoing advocacy and public policy efforts, please contact Therése Brzezinski — ThereseA@licil.com; 516-796-0144 (v); 516-796-0135 (TTY)


Action Alert: Urge NYS to Include ILC’s in Human Services COLA

#Support ILC’s! The work of ILCs is aligned with that of other human service and disability providers receiving a COLA. ILCs compete in the same labor market and have the same difficulty in recruiting and retaining staff. We need you to call the Governor and leaders in the Legislature and ask them to include ILCs in the human services COLA.

Tell Gov. Hochul CDPA is Essential!

Sign the petition now to call on the Governor and the Legislature to make sure that this budget prioritizes CDPA and delivers a message to all New Yorkers that CDPA is Essential: https://cdpaanys.org/advocacy-news/votervoice-action-center/?vvsrc=%2fPetitions%2f3745%2fRespond


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