Patricia Moore Library

Patricia Moore Library

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What is it?
The Patricia Moore Library is a custom designed lending library dedicated to the Disability experience and the rich history and culture that define it .

Who should visit?
The Patricia Moore Library offers something for everyone:

  • People with disabilities
  • Professionals & Students
  • Parents & Children
  • Anyone interested in disability

What’s in store?
In this comfortable and inviting space, visitors will discover the many aspects of the Disability experience through a variety of genre and media.

  • Books, DVD’s and other materials are available to borrow.
  • A vast selection of reference sources can be used on the premises.
  • A newly added collection of books on holistics and nutrition emphasizes the importance of general health and wellness, especially when living with a disability.
  • Specialized technology provides access to printed material for people with visual impairments.

When can I visit?
The Patricia Moore Library is open on Tuesday 1- 4:30pm.
Professionals and students may also visit by appointment in order to accommodate specific research and scheduling needs. Contact Therése Brzezinski for further information on this option.

How do I get in touch?
The Patricia Moore Library can be reached by phone at
516-796-0135 (TTY)
or via email to

Library Hours: Tuesday 1- 4:30pm


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