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Consumer Information

  • Consumer/Employer or Designated Representative will recruit interview, hire, train, supervise and dismiss their CD Personal Assistant(s).
  • Consumer/Employer or Designated Representative may hire as many CD Personal Assistants as needed to accommodate their life style within the amount of coverage hours authorized by their Managed Care Organization or Nassau County Department of Social Services.
  • The Consumer/Employer or Designated Representative and their CD Personal Assistants are responsible for signing a CDPA Agreement that clearly outlines required duties.
  • The Consumer/Employer or Designated Representative must assure that CD Personal Assistant meets with LICIL staff to complete all necessary pre-employment paperwork before they begin working..
  • The Consumer/Employer or Designated Representative will be able to access LICIL’s CDPAS staff to support and assist them in recruiting additional CD Personal Assistants.
  • Consumers will have information on issues which impact individuals who need home care.



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