Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Services


LICIL’s Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Service-CDPAS is a consumer-driven personal assistance program, offered in Nassau County & Suffolk County. The program allows people with disabilities to gain more control over their personal assistance services.

LICIL’s CDPAS enables self directing consumers to advertise, recruit, interview, hire, supervise, train and dismiss their own personal assistant(s). LICIL’s role is that of a fiscal intermediary between consumers and their personal assistants. Individuals independently make all decisions and manage services directly.If an individual is not self-directing, a family member or friend may be appointed to act as their Designated Representative to manage the program on their behalf.

Who is Eligible for LICIL’s CDPAS?

Consumers must live in Nassau & Suffolk County, be currently receiving, or be approved for personal assistance by the Nassau County Department of Social Services or their Managed Care Organization, be eligible for Medicaid, be medically stable and be self-directing.

How do I become a consumer of LICIL’s CDPAS?

To become a consumer of LICIL’s CDPAS, call LICIL at 516-796-0144 (voice) or 516-796-0135(TDD) or email, and a CDPAS staff person will appropriately direct you.

Benefits of participating in LICIL’s CDPAS

LICIL’s CDPAS fosters independence and consumer empowerment by affording more control over identifying and acquiring personal care needs. This control makes consumers less reliant on a medical service model to obtain the daily assistance they need to fully participate in their own communities.




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