Civil Rights Summit won’t include PWD: Advocates speak out

A host of prominent speakers, including four US Presidents, will convene in Austin, TX beginning April 8th.  They will lend their voices to the LBJ Presidential Library celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act.

But the voice of one group in particular will be absent.  Despite the decades-long and ever-continuing fight for Disability rights in America, no figure from the community of people with Disabilities has been included in the throng of distinguished presenters.

Advocates for the rights of people with Disabilities are making some noise over what many see as the unfortunate and ironic exclusion of a traditionally marginalized group from its rightful place in the schematic of our nation’s historic commitment to liberty and justice for all.

A compelling statement from the National Council on Disability offers essential background and issues a powerful reminder:

“Nothing about us, without us” is more than a slogan. It is a guiding principle of all advocacy efforts regardless of the protected civil rights category so that everyone – especially people with disabilities – are included in achieving our common goals, values and ideals.

Do you believe that Disability rights are civil rights?  Raise your voice today.  Respond to an Action Alert to compel organizers to recognize the contributions of people with disabilities to the history and future of civil rights in the United States.


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