Action Alert: Urge Gov. Hochul to Sign A.1926.A/S.1683A Today


Governor Hochul Can Increase Home Care Data Transparency Today

The legislature passed A.1926A (Gonzalez-Rojas)/S.1683A (Hinchey) in June, a bill that would require the Department of Health to make CDPA and home care use data available to the public by publishing it on its website annually. DOH must already provide this information in the same format for Medicaid-covered institutional long-term care (LTC) services provided by nursing homes, hospitals, and other facilities, but not for home and community-based services (HCBS), and DOH has refused several past requests for this information. Members of the state legislatures need this information to make informed decisions on Medicaid spending when passing the annual budget that decides CDPA spending and policy.

The Bill is on the Governor’s Desk

After passing both the Assembly and Senate, it is now up to Governor Hochul to sign A.1926A/S.1683A into law. Signing this bill would make the DOH reporting requirements equal for both Medicaid institutional placements and HCBS. Important information about the number of consumers enrolled in CDPA, how many there are per county, and the type of Medicaid plans that they have will help lawmakers address the workforce crisis and shortfalls in service access. There will be no identifiable information published, just aggregated data to protect consumer privacy.

Help Make the Difference

Almost half of New Yorkers with disabilities are Medicaid consumers, which pays for HCBS and institutional care. However, only institutional placement data has been publicly available for more than a decade, leaving lawmakers with little information about the scope and needs of CDPA and home care. Passing A.1926A./S.1683A would bring much-needed transparency and integrity to New York’s Medicaid LTC system and inspire new approaches to increase access to HCBS for all consumers who desire to live and receive care at home. Please contact Governor Hochul and tell her to sign A.1926.A/S.1683A today.

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