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Via Downstate New York ADAPT:

We urge Assemblymember Heastie and Governor Hochul to follow the lead of the Senate and INCLUDE BOTH REPEAL THE ELIGIBILITY CUTS AND RESTORE THE PAST ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS, S.5028A/A.5367A, AND FAIR PAY, S.5374A/A.6329A, in the final budget!

If we don’t repeal the restrictions, the criteria for home care will be MORE RESTRICTIVE than that of NURSING HOMES. The State will be slammed with Olmstead lawsuits and a loss of CFCO funding because home care will no longer be the go-to. Public health will deteriorate, as people will either be left at home to fend for themselves, or end up in a nursing home receiving a lesser quality of care and living with the profound loss of freedom in the community. Medicaid spending will increase exponentially, as institutional care is significantly more expensive.

So too we must make sure that Fair Pay for Home Care, S.5374A/A.6329A, – the investment we need to ensure we can attract home care workers and personal assistants with non-poverty wages and ensure disabled and older New Yorkers can live independently in the community – becomes reality and is included in this Budget with Repeal and Restore, S.5028A/A.5367A.

Repealing the new eligibility criteria and providing fair pay are the ONLY morally and fiscally responsible things to do.

I.  First, take a moment to call Governor Hochul at 518-474-8390. Press “3”, then “2” in order to speak to a live person. From there, it is a simple message:

“Governor Hochul, include both Fair Pay for Home Care Workers, S.5374A/A.6329A, and Repeal the new eligibility requirements for home care and Restore our home care, S.5028A/A.5367A, in the Final Budget, since  this is the ONLY morally and fiscally responsible thing to do.  You can end our worst in the nation home care crisis and make sure home care and CDPA are a real option for the disabled and older New Yorkers who need it now and in the future.”

ADAPT activists have staged a week-long sit-in to stress the urgency of this issue from March 14th to the 21st. Everyday for 6 days, disabled activists and our allies sat outside of either Heastie’s Bronx office, 250 Broadway, or the Governor’s midtown office.

II. This MONDAY 3/28 we will have one last big ADAPT protest in Midtown before the budget drops. We need ALL HANDS ON DECK. WE NEED TO GET THE ATTENTION OF THE MEDIA. WE NEED A CROWD TO DO SO!

We will meet at 10:30AM at a location in Midtown to prep and start the action at 11AM. Please prepare to stay as long as you can. EMAIL US AT dnyadapt@gmail.com THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO COME AND WE WILL SEND YOU THE MEETING DETAILS.

Please come. The fate of our community rests on whether BOTH THESE BILLS ARE INCLUDED IN THE FINAL STATE BUDGET. We need Repeal & Restore and Fair Pay to stop the home care crisis! #FreeOurPeople. 

This is your chance to save lives and make history. 

Again, this Monday, March 28, 2022, we, Downstate New York ADAPT, are planning a final protest before the Budget is final from 11 a.m. to at least 2 p.m.  Please come.

III.  If you cannot attend in person join the virtual action by registering at


Note: If you are planning to attend in person and want to connect with the virtual component, also please register for the virtual action.

  1. Call, email, Facebook, Instagram and Tweet your State:
  2. Assembly Representative:

Go to https://nyassembly.gov/mem/search/ to find out your New York State Assembly representative’s name and information.

Go to https://www.nysenate.gov/find-my-senator to find out your New York State Senator’s name and information.

Contact the Governor: https://www.governor.ny.gov/content/governor-contact-form

And say: “Please include both Repeal and Restore, S.5028A/A.5367A, and Fair Pay, S.5374A/A.6329A in the Budget Today Since It Benefits All New Yorkers In So Many Ways! It is fiscally responsible, it is safe and it is what your constituents, including me, want Today!!!”

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