Action Alert:  Three Major Bills to Protect CDPA.  Speak Out Now!

Via CDPAANYS:  Governor Cuomo has had CDPA in his crosshairs for years, but we have refused to go down without a fight. Because he didn’t want to take the political heat for slashing services that empower tens of thousands of New York’s seniors and people with disabilities to live active lives in their communities, he formed the Medicaid Redesign Team II (MRT II) – a panel of hospital and nursing home industry leaders and his own political allies – to do his dirty work.

The MRT II made disastrous recommendations that were included in the state budget that add onerous eligibility restrictions for potential consumers by requiring assistance with at least three activities of daily living (ADL) for most consumers and financial investigations for new Medicaid applicants that will delay critical services and endanger people seeking community-based services, forcing many into nursing homes against their wishes. Additionally, across the board provider funding cuts have caused PA wages to drop to the minimum wage legally allowable while cash strapped FIs struggle to provide necessary personal protective equipment (PPEs) to keep workers and consumers safe in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Senate has passed three bills this week that would reduce the harm caused by the MRT II and Governor’s actions. The Assembly still needs to act. They are in session RIGHT NOW.

We need you to make TWO phone calls today!
1.) Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie: 518-455-3791
2.) Your Assemblymember: Look up online or call the switchboard at 518-455-4100.

I am calling to voice my support for three bills that will help seniors and disabled New Yorkers stay safe and access healthcare they need through Medicaid in the community.

1. Please vote YES to A.10486 (Gottfried)/S.8403 (Rivera), which relates to eligibility for medical assistance for personal care services.
2. Please vote YES to A.10489 (Gottfried)/S.8337 (Rivera), which amends the definition of the “look-back period” for Medicaid community-based long term care services.
3. Please vote YES to A.10451 (Gottfried)/S.8621 (Rivera), which requires managed care plans to pay for PPE for personal assistants and provide a 90 day emergency PPE supply to providers.

Timing is critical. The State Legislature is in this week, but may not return until Congress passes a new aid package. This is your chance to make your voice heard and protect your rights and health, and prevent thousands of New Yorkers from losing community-based services.

Call the Speaker of the Assembly and your Assemblymember and tell them to put these bills on the agenda and vote yes!


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