2019 NY Personal Assistant Wage Impact Survey: Participants Needed.

The CDPAANYS Consumer Advocates Workgroup has developed this survey to gain a better understanding of how disabled residents receive and manage consumer directed personal care services. This survey serves to shed light on what impact, if any, the current Medicaid reimbursement rate for home care personal assistant (PA) services has on consumers, their continuity of care, and ability to live safely in their community of choice. Data collected from this survey is intended to inform a written report regarding the state of health of Consumer Directed Personal Assistant Programs in regard to PA wages. CDPAANYS further intends to use data collected from this survey to advocate state representatives for changes or modifications to Medicaid programming as determined by the CDPAANYS Board of Directors.

Click here to participate: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdmoogQuKCj2j87jEocc-zJV7EManvWbE0qNhbL1qIleMgyYw/viewform



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