ACT NOW: Tell Senate Appropriations Committee to Save the Straw

Congress is currently working on its own budget, and there is a proposal to restrict spending so that Congress’ money cannot be used to buy any plastic straws. This means any facilities operated by Congress – like the Congressional cafeterias – would no longer be able to carry the plastic straws.  Clearly Congress is being influenced by the hype to ban plastic straws going on across the country. But we know that people with disabilities need plastic straws, and restricting access to plastic straws ignores the real life experiences of disabled people.

Tell staff to the Senate Appropriations Committees @SenateApprops why straws are important to us and why Congress should not restrict the buying of straws in its Budget. Email Lucas Agnew Sarah Boliek and Leah Rubin Shen today – Congress is working on the budget now! @SenateGOP @USSenateDemocrats Alternatively, you can get in contact with the Senate Appropriations Committee by phone at (202) 224-7257. Tell them that straw bans and restrictions negatively affect disabled people and so should not be in Congress’ budget! You can also refresh yourself on the issue by reading CDR’s recent #blog post on straws bans #savethestraw



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