PWD catch a wave toward political clout

Have you signed up for NYDVN yet?

The New York Disability Voter Network aims to create a disability voting bloc as a way to increase the political power of people with disabilities. To accomplish the goal, the Disability Rights Center in Rochester has enlisted the support of many Independent Living and other advocates across New York State.  Of course, LICIL is proud to be a part of what will prove an important shift in politicians’ perception of people with disabilities.

You can jump in on the wave of change, too.  All it takes is a few clicks or completion a simple form, and you’re among the thousands of New Yorkers with disabilities who will add their names to a database with a message for elected officials: “People with disabilities are a united force to be reckoned with.  Don’t count us out.”

If this sounds good to you, I hope you’ll go to the NYDVN website to sign-on today.  The site also offers additional helpful information as well as the opportunity to register to vote.  If you need a printed form, some help signing up, or have questions, LICIL is happy to help.  Give us a call to get started.  And remember, the more folks with disabilities in the database, the greater our ability to emerge as the community to watch.

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