The anatomy of the curb cut

How much do you know about the Disability civil rights movement known as Independent Living (IL)?  Perhaps you’re well-versed in the grassroots advocacy and activism that ignited the Disability community in Vietnam Era America.  Or maybe you’re new to the concept that continues to inform the fight for Disability equality in the 21st century.

Whatever your experience, you don’t want to miss a well-documented post shared by Gizmodo that artfully illustrates the intersection of the IL philosophy and its practical application for the real world:

 A story of Disability Rights, although rarely included in accounts of the Sixties in Berkeley, runs alongside the history of protest against University of California policies, the War in Vietnam, and the establishment in general. During these tumultuous years, a community of mostly young disabled persons, many of them students or graduates of the University, left a mark not only on the politics of the city, but the physical landscape as well.

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