URGENT: Tell Gov. Cuomo to #SAVECDPA

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Today we are rallying in Albany to #SaveCDPA and stop the Department of Health from pushing forward with their dangerous cuts to the program.

Join consumers, PAs and other allies from around the State and tweet and call Governor Cuomo today. Demand that he direct the Department of Health to postpone changes in reimbursement for CDPA until they know what the actual costs are in the program and can come up with a new rate that does not end CDPA.

1. Call Governor Cuomo TODAY at 518-474-8390!​​​​
Rather than leaving a message, press “2” to ask to speak to an assistant.

2. On Twitter, send him a tweet @NYGovCuomo
Use the hashtag #SaveCDPA on all your social media posts!

Please use these talking points:

  • The Department of Health is rushing through such devastating cuts to CDPA that it will end the program. They are refusing to talk about this issue in any way that does not kill CDPA.
  • The Department wants to cut 60-80% from every fiscal intermediary in the state. These cuts will put all FIs out of business!
  • The reckless way DOH is implementing this policy puts the almost 100,000 people who rely on CDPA, and the personal assistants they employ, at risk of losing care.
  • The Department of Health must delay implementation of any cuts until they have analyzed information from every FI in the state. As of now, they are using the information of less than 10% of FIs in the state.

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FAX: 518-813-9539
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