Nassau PWD: Share Your Point of View On Accessibility at UBS Arena Transit Hub!

LICIL is working to support our partners at Easter Seals on an exciting initiative to ensure accessibility and usability of a proposed transit hub at UBS Arena. We need Nassau County residents with disabilities willing to provide local input. Please see the invite below and reach out directly to Ken Thompson — — if you would like to participate. Questions may also be directed to Therese Brzezinski —
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Share Your Point of View On Accessibility at UBS Arena Transit Hub!
We are supporting an exciting opportunity to bring new transportation services to Nassau County. The project aims to build an electric vehicle transit hub at UBS Arena and has been selected as 1 of 2 finalists for a grant from the state of New York through the Clean Transportation Prizes.
The goals of the electric transit hub at UBS Arena are to (1) make it easier to reach major commercial/employment centers as well as existing transit services like Long Island Railroad and (2) provide employment opportunities through a shared ride rental program and (3) reduce harmful emissions in the community. A link to the project video can be found here:…/xl-fleet
As the transit hub can support a number of different transportation services, we are seeking input and feedback from people that live in and around the communities that would benefit from the added services. We would welcome the opportunity to engage with you and other local residents to better understand what offerings would be the most valuable.
If you are available for a short conversation to help us collect this valuable information, please contact Ken Thompson at


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